Tanjung Layar Beachfront

Tanjung Layar Beachfront City

“Tanjung Layar Beachfront City” is a residential area of 73,916 m2 which was developed by the Company in one of the major cities in Indonesia, namely Makassar. The project location is less than 8 km from Losari Beach with a travel time of approximately 20 minutes, while from the center of the City of Makassar it is approximately 10km with a travel time of 30 minutes. The main road access to the residential area is Jalan Metro Bunga.

Property products “Tanjung Layar Beachfront City” that will be developed on location are apartments, townhouses and shophouses. This residential area offers a good location surrounded by sea views of Makassar and the Jeneberang River. The project location is also surrounded by public facilities such as hospitals, malls, hotels, playgrounds, and schools.