Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

1. Environmental Responsibility
The company continues to be committed to implementing the Environmental Management System (SML) standard. This system specializes in the requirements for formulation and maintenance of SML through two basic commitments that support environmental policy, including:
a) Pollution and waste prevention, as well
b) Continuous improvement of SML.
The Company always uses these commitments to provide guidance on improving overall environmental performance. This commitment to environmental protection is instilled by the Company in each employee and set forth in the environmental policy of the Company. This environmental policy is a directive for implementing, maintaining, developing, improving and managing the environment in order to reduce the possibility of negative impacts, develop positive impacts, and utilize natural resources wisely which is a management commitment to the environment.

2. Labor
The human resource development of the Company aims to create the Company’s Staff to have the best commitment, competence and performance to support the achievement of the Company’s vision. To support this achievement, the Company has set the strategic objectives of Human Capital (HC) Excellence as a foundation for human resource management, with the BEST attribute. BEST covers several aspects, namely Beyond expectations, Environmental awareness, and Synergized parnerships which are built from the values espoused by the Company’s Personnel and effective leadership attributes. These values are included in PIONEER (Professionalism, Integrity, mentality, harmony, Exclusion, Reputation) as the Company’s values and SENSE (Speed, Energize, reect, couragE) as a leadership attribute that inspires the daily behavior of Company Personnel.
Good practice of development work which is the main requirement of the Company’s operations in all development business units, requires the implementation of occupational safety and health (K3). To determine this, the Company has implemented a consistent and continuous Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3). In carrying out its duties and authorities, the implementation and program of OSH are supported by technical units of Health and Medical Services and Occupational Safety services.

3. Community Development
Company will carries out community development (comdev) program for citizen in development project area. The Company expect the development activities could support the citizen in development project area more growing.

4. Product Responsibility
Company applies quality control system in maintaining and improving the quality of its property products. The quality control system has the function to reduce operational costs, and at the same time improve the production quality.

5. CSR Activities
In 2018 and 2019, several community development activities carried out by the Company include:
– Participation assistance in securing Idul Fitri around The Kahyangan Solo Project and Simprug Signature
– Assistance in carrying out the Independence Day Celebration around the location of The Kahyangan Solo Project and Simprug Signature
– Relief of kurban in Eid al-Adha around the Grand Maja Project

The CSR Expenses as of 2019 and 2018 are IDR203 million and IDR796 million, respectively.