Simprug Signature

One of the Company projects being developed Jakarta is “Simprug Signature”. This 51,676 m2 project is located at Jalan Cileduk Raya, Cipulir, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province. The project is in a mixed area where there are trade and services and residential settlements. Around the location there are modern shopping centers and traditional shopping centers.

Asset locations generally have a very good level of accessibility. Accessibility to and from the site is easy to reach because it has direct access to the main road. The site is located on Jalan Cileduk Raya which is one of the main roads that connects Tangerang with South Jakarta. In addition, this road is also often passed by public transportation such as Kopaja and Trans Jakarta, as well as close to Kebayoran Station as Commuterline KRL station.

To meet the need for residential areas for metropolitan communities, in its long-term planning, 7 apartment towers will be built in the “Simprug Signature” area. The project location is adjacent to several other apartments such as Kebayoran Icon, Grand Pakubowono, and 1 Park Avenue. In addition to apartment construction, several shops will also be built to meet the needs of the residents of the apartment.